Talking Mayor Rob Ford Bobble-Head Doll

Talking Mayor Rob Ford Bobble-Head Doll voiced by Val Anderson

The Antics of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto have entertained, amazed and disgusted many over the past year, so it was just a matter of time before the “Talking Mayor Rob Ford Bobble-Head Doll” was released.

Having voiced 5 toys to date, Val Anderson was contacted by the staff in Toronto to audition for a voice impersonation of Mayor Ford’s voice in a realistic, yet fun way. The challenge was on!

Mayor Ford’s antics continue to entertain the media and the citizens of Toronto, so it’s a good bet the “Mayor Rob Ford Talking Bobble-Head Doll” will be a big hit when it is released in early March, 2014.

Val Anderson is a seasoned voice impersonator with hundreds of credits to date doing voices for toys, video games, and voice impersonations. 

Val’s last toy  voiced was the “Pootin’ Tootin’ President” talking Obama plushie doll. The voice impersonation of the President on this talking doll had 21 phrases, many of which Val Anderson helped to develop.

Holding a crack-pipe in his right hand, and a lighter in his left, this novelty will be a scream when it hits the streets in Toronto! A lot of work went into the “Mayor Rob Ford Talking Bobble-Head Doll” on the part of those who helped to design and produce the Rob Ford talking figure, namely Joyce Crawford, who basically produced the project in Toronto.

Here’s a picture of the prototype piece.  The “Talking Mayor Ford Bobble-Head Doll” is to be released in March 2014.