Finding the right voice for the right read is crucial to getting your message out in an effective & memorable way. Val has many voices & deliveries for venues including, but not limited to: radio & TV spots, Film & Video Narration, Speaking Toys & Products, Telephone Voice Menus, Cartoon and Animated Character voices and more.


171For many dialects, accents, and original characters, Val Anderson has hundreds of voices for any kind of character you may have in mind. Dozens of Accents including British, Redneck, New York, Massachusettes, Canadian, Californian, Australian, German, Russian, Eastern European, Irish, Scottish, Scandanavian, and many original characters! TAP HERE to sample a wide range of characters & accents for your script! 


NARNIAAmong  his many narrations, Val has also narrated a ballet. Premiering Saturday, June 14th.2014, The ballet was based on and used direct narrative from the C.S. Lewis “Chronicles of Narnia” series. The “Chronicles of Narnia” ballet was performed by the “Expressions of Joy” ballet  company. The “Chronicles of Narnia” ballet was performed by the “Expressions of Joy” ballet company and sanctioned  by the C.S. Lewis Foundation as well as the remaining Lewis family. This voice was in the character of the lead role, Professor Kirk from the original “Chronicles of Narnia” book & movie series.

“A  Brief History of the Tatars” narration by Val Anderson


Val Anderson has voiced a good number of talking toys including the “Talking President Obama” plushie which was created & manufactured by “BIG MOUTH TOYS” in Connecticut, and even “The Talking Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Bobble-Head Doll” for an independent toy maker in Montreal, Canada.



Val Also voiced a video game by Eversim called, “WORLD OF LEADERS”. Val has voices for many video games, performing as many as 17 characters in one game! Among the game-Logo_WoL_Final_1024makers who have repeatedly called on Val’s male voice talent performance to voice video games for their game creations is EVERSIM. “EVERSIM”, a game-maker based in Paris has hired Val on 4 different occasions to voice their geo-political strategy video games in which world domination is the reigning theme.




“MASTERS OF THE WORLD” by EVERSIM, the French geo-political strategy game maker hired Val Anderson once again to voice 12 characters for this new game! TAP HERE to hear a sample from the game!




During the 2012 American presidential election cycle, Val voiced both Barack Obama & Mitt Romney impersonations, as well as many ancillary characters in the strategy game, “The Race For The White House”.



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